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With typical disregard for the status quo, FTW’s hybrid style/engineering section set forth to create a sleek short course body with a menacing visage and a propensity for discarding air during flight. The usual months of research and track testing ensued. Soon forty-hour work weeks sounded like a vacation. Coffee and energy drinks obliterated the project’s budget. Diamondback is the result. Innovation in design creates the illusion of a lean, chopped cab profile. A high-rise cowl induction hood was integrated with a provision for a huge cutout to shed underhood air. The raked windshield flows into a lowered center section of the roof, terminating in a gaping cutout provision strategically recessed into the back of the cab to further mitigate the parachute effect. Additional cutout provisions in the bed area are surrounded by a roll cage. LED-effect taillight decals finish up the rear, completing the image that will become familiar to the competition.

Diamondback fits most 1:10 short course trucks including Losi’s SCTE and XXX-SCT, Team Associated’s SC10 and SC104x4, and Traxxas’ Slash and Slash 4×4. Diamondback is formed from premium clear .040” polycarbonate. It comes unpainted and includes two decal sheets and window masks.

Team FTW wondered what would happen if they stretched the wheelbase of the Team Associated B4.1. So they bolted T4.1 chassis to their B4.1s, notched their Night Foxes for clearance, and hit the track. Testing on various surfaces, they found the B4.1/T4.1 was more forgiving and could be pushed harder. All that was left was to stretch the Night Fox to fit. The result is the Night Fox XL, the only body shell designed to fit a B4.1 equipped with a T4.1 chassis. The Night Fox XL body fits Team Associated B4.1 1:10 scale off-road buggy. Night Fox is formed from clear .030″ Lexan with a protective outer film and includes two wings, a decal sheet, and window masks.

Amp up your assault on the checkered flag by deploying FTW’s stealthy Night Fox body for B4.1. Its revolutionary knife-edge styling strikes a blow for functionality with its excellent downforce characteristics that you’ll feel in the turns. You’ve never seen anything like it. Deploy Night Fox For The Win! Night Fox fits Team Associated’s B4.1 1:10 scale off-road buggy. Night Fox is formed from clear .030” polycarbonate with protective outer film. It comes clear with molded cut lines and includes two wings, a decal sheet, and window masks. NOTE: Night Fox for B4.1 also fits B4.1 Worlds Edition and +8mm chassis-equipped cars almost perfectly if attached with Velcro.