We’ve been asked that more than a few times since we introduced the Night Fox for Mugen MBX6R last week. We got a new ECO roller yesterday so we could answer that question. We used a pair of SMC 2S 6000mAh 60C packs stood on end in the staggered configuration for this exercise. The case measures 47mm wide, so that is the height you can use to compare with your preferred battery.

We first mounted the stock body to set the baseline for comparison. As you can see in the pictures, the stock body does not fit perfectly. It sits just a little higher on the battery side. The pictures below illustrate this.

Having set the baseline, we then mounted the FTW Night Fox body for MBX6R. We basically have the same situation, but a little more pronounced, as you can see in the picture below.

In an effort to try to gain some more clearance, we next inserted a 3mm spacer below the front body mount. A lot of people use this technique to achieve optimum fitment when mounting our Night Fox for RC8B on the RC8.2e Actually, if you know what the front body mount looks like on the Mugen, you know a regular spacer or washer will not fit, since the mount has an indexing tab molded in. We whacked a notch in our spacer and the problem was solved.

So we mounted the Night Fox again.

Its still a wee bit sideways. But then so is the stock body. So its your call. We hope that helps you come to a conclusion on whether to go for it.