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No Regrets Tees are Back!

You’re like us. You go flat out for the win. No rearview mirror necessary. Given a moment to reflect, you wouldn’t change a thing. Racing is part of who you are. Proclaim it.

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An essay by Tyler Hooks:

The first time you hear it, smell it, feel it, its too late. You are a part of it. You are addicted whether or not it is actually racing, watching, or being part of a team. It quickly becomes part of your life. It is not something that is given up easily. It’s an addiction, one that causes trouble and heartache but also brings triumph and reward. You are in the pursuit of victory, whether it be a national championship or not getting lapped by the “fast guy.” It’s in human DNA, the want to strive for the personal goal to feel you have succeeded. It has its ups and downs–winning the losing, and the in between. It is inconsistent. No one wins or loses forever. Even when it is given up on it still creeps back in to your mind. You check and see how old racing friends are doing, look at an old magazine, find info online. It never leaves your life and it is never forgotten. It is a great hobby and it will last forever. For those that aren’t apart of it, try it. You don’t know what your missing.