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Scottie’s report:

RC Pro Mountain Round 2 Albuquerque Nm 7-19/ 7-21

We arrived at ARCOR Raceway Saturday morning for the RC Pro Mountain Round 2.  There were about20guys from Amarillo that made the trip, plus our families, my wife, our two sons (ages 3 & 16) and his best friend who has become very fast. The guys at Arcor (Scott Box, Richard Pfaff, and Joe Atencio, Scott Spear and a special race announcer Scott Harrell) they all did an amazing job with the track and with rain Friday evening.  There was a lot of good racing with good family, friends, and teammates.  Really what else could you ask for, we had such a good time. I ran 4 classes at this race so to say I was busy was an understatement.   I have to give a lot of credit to my son William Brewer, who is an amazing pit guy, turn marshal, and without a second thought helps anyone that’s asks, oh and I forgot to mention will be better than me soon.   I struggled a little with my Eb-48 but was pretty consistent with the others. Taking 1st & T’Q in Open Buggy, 2nd in Open Truggy, 3rd in 4×4 Sct ( took 2nd in both A1 & A2 then forgot to change my battery for A3 :-/) and 4th in E-Buggy. I have to say thank you to the good Lord for another safe trip, my family, and my sponsors AKA, HobbyWing, FTW, Vp Racing Fuels, Vp-Pro, Tekno RC, Venom, DE Racing and RadioPost. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you for your help and support

TQ &1st Open Buggy

2nd Open Truggy

3rd  4×4 SCT

4th  E-Buggy

Scottie used the following FTW products.

Night Fox for the Losi Eight 2.0

Phoenix for the Losi Eight-T 2.0

Diamondback for the SCT410

Tyler Hooks here with my personal report from the RCPro South Round 3 at Speed Monkey RC in Dallas Texas. I chose to run the Open class as it was offered in this series. Practice went very well with all my Hot Bodies cars on point including my new Hot Bodies D8’12E conversion! Going into the heats I qualified very well in Nitro and Electric Buggy, but struggled with getting my Nitro Truggy setup correct. Going into the resort after the second round I was first in Nitro Buggy, 2nd in Ebuggy and in the Bmain in truck still struggling with setup and Servo Problems. After all four rounds of qualifying I qualified 1st in Nitro Buggy, 1st in Electric Buggy, and I believe 8th in Nitro Truggy. I was feeling very confident going into the Mains… Sadly rain came on Sunday canceling the mains and leaving the results to be based on qualifying. I can’t complain as it was my first big Nitro Buggy win, but I would have loved to race every one in the mains to see if I could hang on for 30mins and also to better myself in the Truggy points.

Overall Results

1st in Nitro Buggy using the FTW Night Fox Xray 808 body

3rd in the Nitro Buggy RCPro South Point Series

1st in Electric Buggy using the FTW Night Fox Xray 808 body

1st in the Electric Buggy RCPro South Point Series

8th in Nitro Truggy using the FTW Phoenix for RC8T (Coming Soon!)

10th in the Nitro Truggy RCPro South Point SeriesImageImage

Scottie Brewer reports from Overlook Raceway:

It’s a Short Course only race with ELIMINATION STYLE MAINS.
After three rounds of qualifying to determine seeding, 2-4 Trucks will race 3 laps. Top 1 or 2 will move on. Losers are out .Trading paint and the use of bumpers was a requirement in this race 🙂 After three rounds of qualifying I was 3rd in Open 4×4 Sct and 2nd in Open 2wd Sct I moved through my brackets winning each one. Then 3 remaining trucks from each class were left. We lined up 3 wide and went on the horn, I got out to an early lead but made a mistake by clipping a pipe and rolled in a turn making it a race. I was passed by the other 2 guys while I waited to be marshaled; at this point I had some work to do. With only 2 laps left I closed the gap on 2nd but 1st was just too far out. Coming in to the last turn I was a few car lengths behind 2nd place, which is a good friend of mine, when I heard a  long slow yell “Nooooo” as he clipped a pipe. That was just the chance I needed with a really slow motion rollover and only 10 feet from the finish line. I had to make a choice go left and chance hitting him as the rollover was still taking place, or go right and squeeze between him and the pipe.  Right was the correct choice lol. As he was finally making it to his lid I made the pass but I was laughing so hard  I almost had to come to a complete stop to squeeze through and take 2nd.  The Open 2wd main was a little easier, I got out to an early lead and took the win!

Scottie used these FTW Racing Components to dominate:

FTW00035 Diamondback on Tekno SC410

FTW00035 Diamondback on TLR 22SCT



This year was my first nationals, and having the event only three hours from home was a big plus. Racing on a track that was full throttle and drivers that never wrecked was a new experience for me. The track took a lot of getting used to, but I’m glad we made the trek up for the optional practice. The whole team looked really fast and very competitive!




Thursday was the first day of actual competition though it was still practice. I was a bit disappointed to find my self mid pack, but looking at the talent that was in attendance being mid pack was definitely an accomplishment. Thursday was seeding practice which is your best consecutive three laps in a seven minute run. I was always able to get two fast laps in, but would mess myself up thinking about the third. The field in buggy was led by “The Phenom” Dakotah Phend, and truck was dominated by my Hot Bodies teammate Ty Tessman. Again Team FTW represented well with many drivers placing themselves 1/4th, 1/8th, and the 1/16th heats with the rest close behind.




Friday was the first day of actual qualifying with two rounds. Truck brought me much frustration as I was able to put down an almost perfect run each of the two rounds, but one or two large mistakes hindered me from seeing the results I was looking for. Buggy was really surprising as my D8’12 felt fantastic all day and I was able to move up overall for the next day. The younger generation was looking very strong this year headed by the above mentioned Tessman and Phend.




Saturday brought on the last two rounds of qualifying. I was able to get one run that made me slightly happy as I ran fifteen laps instead of fourteen. I was very close every round to getting fifteen laps, but one or two wrecks messed it up in all but one round. Buggy I was looking to build off of day one, but instead I posted the exact same times as the previous day. Overall I was feeling pretty good going into the mains of my first nationals experience. The first eight mains were run on Saturday night with the goal being to race both cars on Sunday. I qualified my buggy straight into Sunday in the 1/16th odd main. Truck, I was in the last race Saturday starting second with high hopes of making the next main on Sunday. “The Iron Man” Mike Battaile had trouble in Truggy all weekend, but was able to bump his way into the last Truggy main of the day with myself. With three bump spots to the next race, I raced my own race and took second behind Mike.




I was the first main of the day in truck. Within the first two minutes of the race I found my self in a bump spot, but the pace of the race was too much for me to handle and I finished the race further down in the pack. My buggy race was the same way as I found myself in a bump spot, but I could not hold on to it. My weekend overall was very good and the experience was second to none. I would like to thank all my sponsors and all the people that help me for this great opportunity! Also thank you FTW for the great bodies and Accessories! I can’t wait to go to Nationals next year!




Equipment I used


FTW Xray 808 Body mounted on a Hot Bodies D8’12


FTW protoype carbon and Lexan Stiffeners for the Hot Bodies D8’12


FTW Phoenix Truggy Body mounted on a Hot Bodies D8t




Other FTW Main Day Accomplishments!


Mike Battaile Bumped 7 times in Truggy!


Jason Branham Bumping to the B Main in Truggy


“Smiley Henn” 1/4th Buggy Main


David Joor, David Green, Jason Branham, and Mike Battaile 1/8th Buggy Mains


Ethan Lefebvre, Roger Ayres, Brian Rickard, and myself in the 1/16th Buggy Mains


Jake Dellinger in the Buggy A Main finishing 9th